Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday-just another day or...

Valkkadia #1 cover
So I thought I'd drop a little more tease action on ya. Here's the cover pencils for "Valkkadia" issue #1. Pencils by series creator/writer/penciller, Hassan Godwin.

Oh yeah, one other small thing, the cover will be inked by Walter Simonson. Yeah, that's right, THAT Walter Simonson. We are unbelieveably lucky to have gotten the chance to work with Walter over the last few years and he has given us the priviledge of letting him ink the cover of our first issue.

Other update news is light today. We have almost half of issue #2 penciled and a third of that inked and finished.

I heard back from Mr. Chaykin today, having sent him a .pdf of his sketchbook yesterday. His response? A short, but sweet, "Looks swell!". That was the sum total extent of the email. If you've ever met or talked to Howard, you'll get why this is so fitting and so appreciated.

So, we're all set for the Wizard World Philadelphia convention, altho...there may be a "small" announcement of one more item that may be produced for sale at the convention. It was brought up today during my day at Walter's house, and we will discuss putting it into motion after the weekend. Cross your fingers, Simonson fans. this could turn out to be very cool.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday update 2

So, glance to the left for a little tease from "Valkkadia" #1, the start of a fight sequence between our intrepid heroes and the warrior race know as the Mondo Vas'Gann, which resemble giant cyborg sharks.

Howard Chaykin sketchbook
I have finished replacing the font in the Howard Chaykin sketchbook as well and have sent of a PDF proof to him for approval and/or thoughts. I heard from him briefly last night and have some new info about the sketchbook.
It will be an edition of 300 numbered copies and will be available on website store here after the Wizard World Philadelphia convention on June 19-21.
Still ironing out details for a signed/sketched edition for the website. I'll have info here first, whenever I get it squared away.

Walter Simonson sketchbook
The Walter Simonson v.1 numbered sketchbooks are still available at the website store for $10 as well, but we are running out. There will be some available at the Wizard Philly show, but I think that will be their final convention appearance.

Convention update
No word as of yet on our location at SDCC in July. I'm hoping I can pair up with a friend and sell our books at their table. Info will be forthcoming as I make arrangements. I will be in San Diego for the week of the show and will be working the convention for one of the show's larger exhibitors.
We also plan on making an appearance at the Baltimore Comicon in September and will definitely be setting up at the Long Beach Comicon in October. It's gonna be a busy autumn for us, and we hope you'll come by when you can and check out our stuff.

quick update

I spent the majority of the day setting up the pages for the Howard Chaykin sketchbook. I printed out a proof on my own printer to see if I liked the finished product. Not loving the font I picked for the captions, so I'll spend the morning redoing the captions in a new font. The heavy lifting is done, though, and I'm happy that with my recently acquired laser printer, I can print out fast copies of these to check them out before going to press.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Opening Salvo

On our way to our second project being published for the Wizard World Philadelphia convention June 19-21. An artist's sketchbook for comic's legend Howard Chaykin. Similar in layout and design to our first artist sketchbook for Walter Simonson, this volume will feature sketches for many of Howard's painted paperback covers, layout designs and preliminary works that have never seen print before.

The Walter Simonson sketchbook is still available at the Square 1 Press webstore here for $10.

The Howard Chaykin sketchbook will be available first at the convention and then following the convention at the website. Numbers will be limited. No word on a signed/sketched edition, as of yet.

The 1st issue of "Valkkadia" our 1st comic series, has seen a small hiccup and will, unfortunately, not be available at the Wizard show in June. We do hope to have it available for Comic-con International in San Diego in July. More info to come about this.

With this new blog we hope to be able to keep people in the loop about upcoming projects that Square 1 Press has a part in and will be putting together in the coming months, we have some great ideas and hope a bunch of them will come to fruition.