Thursday, September 17, 2009

coming up quick...

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Finally, the check and print files have been sent. The book is literally at the printers. In 10 days or so, hopefully I should have actual copies of the book in my hands. When I stop to think about all the work that has gone into this and the incredible amount of help we've received from friends and co-workers, (and ex-co-workers) it really can be sort of humbling. So many people gave freely their help and support to us to see that this project would see the light if day, we can't even begin to thank them all individually, I only hope that they understand how grateful we are to have them as friends and colleagues and how much their continued help has led us to this point.

Today, I am sorting through stacks of artwork to select the images that will go into the next Walter Simonson sketchbook, which we hope to have available at the Long Beach Comicon as well. If not, then certainly at the Baltimore Comicon the following weekend. Looking at the stuff I have pulled out, I now think that maybe I should consider changing the format size from the previous sketchbooks and see what the cost would be to get them produced at a full 8 1/2x 11. I'll have to see what I can do about that.

Oh well, just rambling now. So much to get done still for the LongBeach show, not sure where to begin. Oh, almost forgot. Square 1 Press will be located at booth #348 at the LBCC and we will also proudly be sharing our space with the talented and prolific writer, Steve Niles. Yes, he will be camped out at our booth all weekend long, so be sure to bring all your SN books down to get 'em signed. Well, not all of them, because, quite frankly, you probably couldn't carry all the books he's done. At least, not in one trip, anyways.

As always, we will have the first Walter Simonson and Howard Chaykin sketchbooks available for sale, but the first Simonson sketchbook is almost SOLD OUT, very few copies remain.

Also, available at the show (time allowing) will be a special edition of the 1st issue of Valkkadia #1. It will be signed by all 4 creators who worked on the book. Hassan Godwin (writer/pencils/creator), Steven Hoveke (finishes/lettering), Walter Simonson (cover finishes) and Dennis Calero (cover color). This special edition will be limited to 75 numbered copies. It will come bagged & boarded with a S1P certificate of authenticity.

More info will be up here first, as it's available.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well, it only took a year or so...

Tah-DAHHHHHHH! Here is the final cover image as it will be printed. Less than a month away, we're so excited to have it finally ready and on the verge of being available.

I've been busy trying to get all my S1P miscellaneous convention stuff together as well. 1st time having our own space at the convention and so I need a sign, tablecovers, etc. all the stuff you never think about. SO, I've been running around, so to speak, the web searching for the best prices on things. So, we'll see what I can find by the end of the month.

We hope some of you can come to the Long Beach Comicon on October 2nd-4th to see us as well as a lot of REAL comic stars.
The lineup just seems to be getting better and better even as we close in the show date. I'll have our booth location listed here just as soon as I get the notification for the con folks.

Back to work...