Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sometimes, it's OK when the phone rings...

Maybe that title should be, "Sometimes , it's pretty damn awesome" when the phone rings." Last night I got a phone call from from Geoff Darrow. Yes, THAT Geoff Darrow (as I am sure there are more than 1) He of the "Hard-Boiled", "Big Guy and Rusty, the Boy Robot" and "Shaolin Cowboy" fame. He rang me up to inquire about having a sketchbook printed up to sell at the New York show coming up the 2nd weekend in October. So , after picking up my jaw off the floor, we continued our discussion about sketchbooky matters. Hopefully, he will decide to put to gether the requisite artworks and get them to me and S1P will have another sketchbook to sell at the show. Geoff will be in Artist Alley at NYCC as well, so it should work out nicely.

We will be setting a signing schedule for Walter and Louise Simonson at the Square 1 Press booth #2384) sometime this week and we will update the blog and have information at our Facebook page. Walter will also be signing at the Epic Proportions booth (#2537) Check out their blog here for times. They will have the 2nd EXCLUSIVE shirt with Walter's original artwork available for sale. Picture here. Also, they will have a Geoff Darrow shirt available as well, here's a shot of that one. Incredible stuff!

Hopefully I will have more info about Geoff's sketchbook within the next couple weeks, so keep yer eyes peeled.

Man, that just sounds painful.