Monday, August 2, 2010

Ugh..Once again, I have been neglecting you all...all 3 of you

SO , I finally log in to my blogger acct. and see that the last time I updated the blog was in March. Terrible. Now, in my defense, we have readjusted some scheduling and have changed our approach to some projects here. Valkkadia is no longer going to come out in individual issues, it will be released as a graphic novel comprising approximately 6 issues worth of material. So, that willbe sometime next year (we hope!)
We are currently preparing the 4th volume of the Walter Simonson sketchbook series and will be putting the signed/ sketched edition up for sale in the coming weeks. If you're on Facebook, follow our fan page, "" I know, I know...I screwed up the spelling and submitted it before realizing what I had done and you can't ever change it. So, yeah, that happened.
We are also putting together the 1st volume (to try out a new format) of a collection of inked finished Simonson artwork. More on that as it's available.
I have been so busy for the last couple months, with general work stuff and working at SDCC and will working at Celebration 5 in a week or so. then, finally a vacation before having to rush things together upon my return for Baltimore Comicon.
September looks to be fairly quiet, hopefully fill lots of orders for Simonson sketchbooks and get ready for NYComicon in October where we WILL be setup and have Walter and Louise Simonson signing at our booth exclusively. Then, Halloween weekend we will be setup at the Long Beach ComicCon in California in Artist Alley with Howard Chaykin.
So, I think that's all the updates I have for now. As always we are working on other stuff that we hope we can announce soon. Keep your fingers crossed. Talk soon.