Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Opening Salvo

On our way to our second project being published for the Wizard World Philadelphia convention June 19-21. An artist's sketchbook for comic's legend Howard Chaykin. Similar in layout and design to our first artist sketchbook for Walter Simonson, this volume will feature sketches for many of Howard's painted paperback covers, layout designs and preliminary works that have never seen print before.

The Walter Simonson sketchbook is still available at the Square 1 Press webstore here for $10.

The Howard Chaykin sketchbook will be available first at the convention and then following the convention at the website. Numbers will be limited. No word on a signed/sketched edition, as of yet.

The 1st issue of "Valkkadia" our 1st comic series, has seen a small hiccup and will, unfortunately, not be available at the Wizard show in June. We do hope to have it available for Comic-con International in San Diego in July. More info to come about this.

With this new blog we hope to be able to keep people in the loop about upcoming projects that Square 1 Press has a part in and will be putting together in the coming months, we have some great ideas and hope a bunch of them will come to fruition.

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