Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday-just another day or...

Valkkadia #1 cover
So I thought I'd drop a little more tease action on ya. Here's the cover pencils for "Valkkadia" issue #1. Pencils by series creator/writer/penciller, Hassan Godwin.

Oh yeah, one other small thing, the cover will be inked by Walter Simonson. Yeah, that's right, THAT Walter Simonson. We are unbelieveably lucky to have gotten the chance to work with Walter over the last few years and he has given us the priviledge of letting him ink the cover of our first issue.

Other update news is light today. We have almost half of issue #2 penciled and a third of that inked and finished.

I heard back from Mr. Chaykin today, having sent him a .pdf of his sketchbook yesterday. His response? A short, but sweet, "Looks swell!". That was the sum total extent of the email. If you've ever met or talked to Howard, you'll get why this is so fitting and so appreciated.

So, we're all set for the Wizard World Philadelphia convention, altho...there may be a "small" announcement of one more item that may be produced for sale at the convention. It was brought up today during my day at Walter's house, and we will discuss putting it into motion after the weekend. Cross your fingers, Simonson fans. this could turn out to be very cool.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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