Thursday, June 4, 2009

been a few days...

OK, it's been a few days since I had anything new to update, with the WWPhilly sketchbooks ready, and Valkkadia #1 waiting for some revisions, I'm kind of at a stand still. I have some new ideas for projects, an outline/script from a new writing duo that will cross my path in a couple weeks (so I'm told) and the possible rebirth/reinvigoration of one of my original project ideas when I first started Square 1. (Thanks, Bob)
Additionally, I have fleshed-out some ideas I had about another of my original project ideas that had been sort of frozen until I can make contact with the original rights holder. Now, after some thought, I have realized that I may be better off getting some material together and moving ahead on the project without approval or licence so I have something substantial to present as compared with just presenting a concept. Especially to this particular individual.
Last night I did get the replacement page for Valkkadia #1. When I finish inking it, I will post up a shot of the 2 pages, old and new, so you can see the differences.
Our pencil/inking style has solidified so much from the first pages of the 1st issue, I hope that this replacement page doesn't stick out too much when inserted among the older ones.

I think that's all, I have one other original story idea I'm working on as well. I just need to do a little research to get the setup correct. As it's historical in nature, I need to make sure my facts are straight. Otherwise, I'll get a boot to the ass from Simonson, and as great as that may sound, it's still a boot to the ass.

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