Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday-rain day-good for stayin' in

OK, I said yesterday that I had gotten the replacement page for the 1st issue of Valkkadia. Well, I spent today inking it and now it's done. I'm gonna post both the original page and then the new replacement version so you can see the changes more obviously.

In the original page, with the amount of dialogue and the way it was laid out, (reading all the way down the left side before going back up to the top) it just wasn't gonna work out properly.
That and the panel with the heads in the lower right column became unnecessary. So, the decision was made (no prompt from me) to just redraw the page and the new page is the 2nd image.
I'm supposed to get the last of the replacement artwork tonite. Which consists only of a few panel replacements. Quick re-inks and photoshop edits and the book is as good as done, artwise. PHEW!

By next week, I should have the final edit of the script and I can balloon this bad boy and have it ready to print by next weekend. If I'm lucky, I might have the finished cover as well. Then all I have to do is get it colored and setup the intro/credit pages and get one ad page squared away.

It's been a fairly long road to get this 1st issue finished, but we're almost there. It only gets easier, right?


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