Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A quick apology to a friend...

Just this morning I was checking out the comment threads on some of the stories posted about this past weekend and I ran across one posted by Joe Rybandt from Dynamite Entertainment at the ComicsWorthReading.com post.

I quote Joe "It was always our intention to have Howard upfront with us and any confusion comes down to miscommunication between us at Dynamite and Howard, but no fault to Wizard on this one."

Joe, this was not how it was explained to me on Friday, so I only got part of the story. No offense was intended to you or Nick, you guys have always been very good to me and extremely supportive. Clearly, I assumed the part I heard to be true and the source was also not completely clear on the details. However, I'm the one who put it out there, so I'm the ass here.

Sorry , guys, I sincerely apologize.


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