Friday, June 26, 2009

It just ain't in the cards...

I'm sad to report that we are not going to be able get our first issue out in time for SDCC. There just isn't enough time to do everything we have to do and for me to learn what I have to learn in time to get the whole package together. So... we have re-adjusted our schedule and will be printing the book for release at the 1st Long Beach Comic-Con in California the weekend of Oct2-4th. It will still have the cover inked by Walter Simonson, in fact we may end up having that cover be an exclusive for that convention. Seeing as we will be doing our best to have Walter there in person to sign copies for Square 1 Press. If things don't work out the way we like, then we will definitely have them the following weekend at the Baltimore Comic-con as well, where Walter will absolutely be attending.

As Square 1 Press, we are learning this business as quickly as we can and there are just some things that we can't rush.

This actually works out better for us as a whole. This allows a couple things to happen, seeing as S1P had planned on setting up at the con, we will be able to have the "Valkkadia" writer/artist Hassan Godwin at the show as well. I will be working for the convention itself, S1P will need to have some extra help on hand so this goes great leaps to this end. Hopefully we will have more products available for sale at Long Beach as well. There are several other sketchbook opportunities and a possible limited lithograph run as well. More to come on that front as it develops.

I do have the finished "Valkkadia" logo to show off, courtesy of the awesome Brian Jouan. A link to his website is available at the upper right of this blog. And it looks a little like this...

There may be some small tweaks to the finish and such, but the core is there and we really dig it. Brian, we can't thank you enough. We really appreciate the help.

Tuesday, I'll be having dinner with a couple of guys who are bringing me a story they want adapted visually. More on that next week.

So, there it is. We still have the Howard Chaykin and Walter Simonson sketchbooks available at the webstore here.

Thanks for everyone's continued support, we truly appreciate it.

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