Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Alright, so, I've been busy getting the ballons made and getting the pages lettered. I am doing this the only way I have figured out on my own. Of course, since then, I have discovered other easier ways to do this and will be experimenting with these processes on future issues. Onward and upward, Here's a preview of the first 2 pages of issue#1 of Valkkadia, lettered and all. Just click on them for a larger version.

I hope you like them and if all goes right in the universe, I might even have a sneak preview of the finished cover, with inks by Walter Simonson tomorrow. I plan to approach a couple of professional colorists I know to color the cover for us. Keep your fingers-crossed as I will be doing this at Comic-Con Intl. in 2 weeks and I hope that one of them has the time for it.

Well, I have the cover setup to finish, an ad to create, and the setup of the inside covers of the book and the book will be all done. This has been quite the journey. We, Hassan and myself, started working in this project (in this form; Hassan's been working on this story in one form or another for almost 10 years!) over a year ago, and we've seen many deadlines we created for ourselves come and go. This isn't anyone's fault, things just took longer than we planned. Now, we have a better, more solid plan and have been picking up a more consistent pace on page production and we hope to maintain some competent form of release schedule.

While we our printing this book ourselves and will continue to do so as long as humanly possible, we will be shopping the book around to established comic companies in the hopes that someone may actually pay us to create it. Geez, wouldn't that be nice, huh?

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