Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome to sunny San Diego!

Well hello all you readers of the Square 1 Press blog. Today is the first day of something a little different. I thought I'd keep those of you who don't attend the SDCC or can't attend, up to speed a bit on what's happening with me out here. Nothing too boring I hope, just a few pics and tidbits, maybe an update of the status of a new project as I get things finalized. Who knows.

Thought I'd start out with a shot out of my hotel window when I got in this afternoon. I left Newark's Liberty airport @ 7am and arrived here just after noon local time, after a quick stop and plane change in Salt Lake City, a "Starbuck's"-free airport, apparently. Yeah, never going there again if I can help it.

This is a nice shot looking up at the 6'tall "Voldemort" maxi-bust, I guess you'd call it, that Gentle Giant has created for the show booth display.

There is also a 6' tall Boba Fett.

A nice shot of the (currently) empty hall, Monday is early setup day, most of the larger exhibitors can get in a day early to make sure they have enough time to get all their displays setup.

Also, in this picture, Brian Jouan, aka StaticJoe, creator of the "Valkkadia" logo and which I found out tonite, winner of not 1, but 2 Emmy's. That's right, THOSE Emmy's. He doesn't like to brag, and because they are for production...HE HAS EMMY awards in his house with HIS name on them. How cool is that??

So we wrapped for the day, met up with our good friend John McGonigle for a nice dinner and then we all kinda parted ways. John and I were beat after having been up since the early morning dark to make our flights out here.

I just took this one out of my hotel room window, of approximately the same shot as when I got here. How awesome is this.

One beautiful place.

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  1. Awesome...can't wait to read more. Didn't realize you were doing the GG thing this year.