Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SDCC...Round 2

OK, this is the second time I am writing this entry as I had it finished and accidentally closed the tab and lost the whole fucking thing. Technology can be swell sometimes, and sometimes, well, it can be downright annoying.

SO anyhoo, we had an excellent day today, got the booth setup finished to within a few hours. We have the display info to setup tomorrow, but the prototypes are all placed and all that's left to do in the morning is some cleanup and get the displays finalized and locked up.

To anyone who has worked at one of these shows before, you know how remarkable and amazing this feat is. We will actually be finished, I believe, hours before we need to be. Well in time to wander around a bit before the show opens in the evening tomorrow night.

This due, in large part to the colossal pre-show prep work done by GG at their HQ well before sending all the stuff down here to SD.

And well, since this fine fellow wants be to bid you all adieu, I think I will listen and head off to bed.

BTW, this little buy is NOT GG product, but it is from the niftiest vinyl toy company out there. Rocket World. Check them out, they do excellent stuff.


  1. Funny that you call technology annoying at times, when what happened to you was HUMAN error. :)

    Is that Hoth Leia a Mini Bust?

  2. I streamlines things for us so much that we make simple human errors and so much is lost with a single keystroke.