Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

Well, it's that time again. SDCC, (San Diego Comic-Con) as it is mis-labeled is upon us again (it's actually Comic-Con International). I have been busy getting some things ready for the show, mostly promotional stuff, as S1P will not be exhibiting at the show. I will be present, but I will be working for Gentle Giant Ltd. at the convention. Come on by and say hello, if you're gonna be there. I'll be the one in the "Square 1 Press" hat. I'll be happy to show you one of these little honeys:

Complete Valkkadia #1 ashcans. I have printed up 10 copies of it for promotional usage, showing friends, and hoping to push the project to other media. They are all B&W printed, same format as the artist sketchbooks, cardstock covers and all

They also have this delightful sticker on the back:

There are currently no plans to make these available to the public. However, if I get any interest in them, I'll reconsider. Since the issue is due out in a couple months, I'm sure folks can wait until the Long Beach Comic-Con in October to grab up their copies, especially when the book will have a full color cover and be in standard comic size format.

So, other things on the clipboard for SDCC, begin gathering artists and writers for a new anthology project. It is themed, and I will be making an announcement concerning it shortly, I hope. Also, will be pitching a couple new project ideas to companies while I'm out there. I think Long Beach will really be our coming-out party, but why waste a good opportunity?

Well, I have one more day to get things together as my flight leaves 7am from Newark airport on Monday morning. I will try to update this at least once while I am out there this coming week. If you're in attendance, and looking for the Walter Simonson or Howard Chaykin sketchbooks, some will be available at "Stuart Ng Books" booth, you'll have to look up the number, or else just get them at the website here.

Safe travels, everyone.

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  1. Have fun dude...what an amazing con this is gonna be for you. Proud of you...