Friday, June 19, 2009

at this last minute...

So, I thought you might like this shot. I had just picked up the Howard Chaykin sketchbooks from the printer and I needed to count them to make sure they had printed the correct number. They did, even made a couple extra copies. Anyway , I thought you might like to see a shot of all the sketchbooks. The last time these little fellas will be all together ever again.

Well, I finished making some flyers to hand out at the show with website and facebook info. I made table signs showing prices for the sketchbooks. With the help of my wonderful girlfriend, we even got all 300 copies of the sketchbook numbered and re-boxed, ready to pack up and hit the road tomorrow. If all goes as planned tomorrow morning, we will hit the road about 9am and get down to the show in Philly right around start time. So, if yer waiting for us, relax, look around, we'll be there shortly.

Also, if yer coming to the show I'll have copies of the pages for Valkkadia #1 with me to show off.
Also, seeing as the artist, my good friend Hassan, got laid off last week, he should be ready to turn around some pages like you would na' believe, cap'n.

I look forward to meeting some new friends and contacts this weekend and to re-connecting with some old friends who I know will be there. Make sure and mention if you happen to read this blog, when you stop by the table this weekend, not that you'll get anything, but it would be nice to know I'm not just writing this thing to hear myself ramble.

Remember, we are in Artist Alley with Walter Simonson and Howard Chaykin, stop by and say "whats up?"

Hope to seee you all there.

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